Epiphany I

Formation is core to understanding the faith. Second-century church leader Tertullian offered that “Christians are made, not born.” The early days of 2013, especially Sundays before or after worship, strike me as a brilliant time to participate in the small or large group formation offerings at St. Peter’s. Life at St. Peter’s increasingly will offer a good variety of formation classes for adults to deepen their journeys. Children and youth formation offerings are both soaring and being improved. Formation advisory committees are being developed for all three areas (adults, youth, children) as part of a commitment to excellence in this important area of our common life.

Because we know that those who seek to learn more about God, Christianity, and spirituality are people of all sorts and conditions, our formation offerings are intended to provide something for everyone. Led by ordained and lay ministers, our current programs provide opportunities for personal spiritual exploration and growth, closer studies of the Holy Scriptures and teachings of the Gospel message, tools to equip followers of Jesus to serve others as they would want to be served, and ongoing understandings about traditions, customs and approaches of The Episcopal Church to the journey of faith.

If not already involved, join others weekly for the Sunday Scripture Reading Study in the Tower Room or the Rector’s Forum in the Parish Hall to listen, share, learn, and grow, all in the name of your formation as a disciple of Christ. More information about these and weekday offerings are available on this website, our weekly eNews, or by information available in the public spaces at St. Peter’s. I look forward to being formed with you as we enter this new year of Our Lord.

– The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher, Rector