Sharing Our Faith during Eastertide

rencherThe Great 50 Days of Easter provides wonderful opportunities to celebrate the mysterious resurrection of our Lord through conversation. Individually and collectively before the Day of Pentecost on June 8, which commences the season of Pentecost, Episcopal Christians are encouraged to “Go Speak!” (said Bishop Curry) about the good news of God in Christ. On Thursday, May 15, the St. Peter’s parish family will have an opportunity to join other Episcopalians from throughout the Diocese of North Carolina family in the communal act of “sharing our faith.”

To participate in this distinctive invitation from our bishops, you can either host a May 15 gathering at your home for eight to ten persons or attend one at a parishioner’s home near you. St. Peter’s Sharing Our Faith Coordinator Rob Pinkston looks forward to hearing from you via email ( or phone (704-609-1011). He will have a listing of parishwide gatherings and information about hosting an event. On behalf of St. Peter’s Congregational Development Ministry Team and Clergy, I am grateful that Rob Pinkston has agreed to lead our parish commitment to share personal stories in matters of faith with people we know and some we don’t, but with whom we share a common worship life.

Sharing Our Faith is designed to create a comfortable situation in which everyone present discovers that they have a story of faith or an experience about life at St. Peter’s to tell. Most importantly, participants will experience the power of deep listening, because each group gathering will be moderated. This will not be an evening of discussion, debate, or even dialogue. While there will be an element of fellowship, because the sharing takes place over a meal, this is not primarily a social event. It is a chance to practice listening and speaking about those things nearest to our hearts.

I hope that May 15 will mark the beginning of seasonal “cottage meetings” in homes as one way to foster relationships with one another throughout our beloved community of faith.

–The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher, Rector