The Importance of Prayer

jos“When we pray we must hold fast and believe that God has heard our prayer. It was for this reason that the ancients defined prayer as an Ascensus mentis ad Deum, ‘a climbing up of the heart unto God.’ ”   — Martin Luther

Ordinary Time, the long “green” season that will take us through Christ the King Sunday on November 23, is when the Church celebrates the fullness of Jesus’ ministry, rather than periods of focused contemplation on the mysteries of his Incarnation (Advent and Christmas) or his Passion (Lent and Easter). It is the season of the Spirit, when we have the opportunity to “seek and find” God’s presence in all things.

Prayer is the central vehicle we have for both the search for and celebration of God’s work among us. Common prayer, in particular, is central to our identity as Anglican Christians. At St. Peter’s there are many ways for you to connect your personal prayers with the prayers of the world. Every workday morning at 7:30 our doors open for Morning Prayer. Every service of Holy Communion is filled with communal and personal prayer. I encourage you to pray aloud during the Prayer of the People for concerns and thanksgivings that are on your heart. Additionally, we have several ministry groups whose sole purpose is prayer. If you would like to become more involved in our prayer ministries, please contact me to learn more about various ways to become more intentional.

If you are in need of special prayers, the parish maintains a prayer list for members and friends. These names are lifted up in our Sunday services as well as throughout the week. At any time you may add names to this list by visiting Names generally remain on the list for two weeks. Healing ministers are also available immediately following the Eucharist at our 10:45 a.m. services to offer personal intercessory prayer. Further, if you have a confidential prayer need, feel free to contact me, Mother Joslyn Schaefer, Associate Rector for Pastoral Care, directly via phone 704-749-6150 or email

— The Reverend Joslyn Ogden Schaefer, Associate Rector