The Importance of the Little Decisions

josWith a new school year starting, I wonder if any of you are joining me in making some deliberate decisions about household rhythms. With our son beginning school, our household has a new schedule. This new obligation brings the opportunity to be intentional about the how we structure the precious gift of time we receive each day, each week.

The little rituals of our days and weeks, whether we are conscious of them or not, make a significant impact on the meaning we can discover in our lives. Most of us have probably heard of people who recount with gratitude the ritual of saying “I love you” to our partners and/or children as we leave the house and begin our workday. For it is true that no day is guaranteed to us: each going and coming is a gift. Similarly, we can cultivate an awareness of God’s gifts by naming a few things we are grateful for to another person or in a journal each day. Or we can practice ending each day with the gentle words of Compline (the word is derived from the Latin word for completion), as we offer the work and energy of day to God and prepare for sleep.

The rituals of our week are similarly important. God knew what God was doing when he commanded us to take a Sabbath — to dedicate a day to attend to God’s presence in the world as we experience it in those communities, people, and things that are beautiful, true and just. St. Peter’s liturgical, formation and fellowship offerings on Sunday provide a “point of entry” into the Sabbath rest that God intends for each of us, and for all creation.

As you revisit the “little decisions” that make up a big part of your life, I pray you will continue to participate in our common life of prayer here at St. Peter’s. On Sunday, September 7, we will have our “Formation Celebration” for all-ages in the Parish Hall from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. This joyful gathering will kick-off our Catechesis program for children and Journey to Adulthood program for youth and provide adults with an overview of all the formation offerings from which we hope you will benefit. Please make a “little decision” to join us, and prepare for the spiritual part of your life to grow big!


— The Reverend Joslyn Ogden Schaefer, Associate Rector