Children at St. Peter’s

burlingtonAs the Director of Children’s Formation, I enjoy greeting the faces of our youngest members every Sunday. Our parish seems to be experiencing an explosion of children. Have you noticed? Maybe you have seen the energetic procession of children into the service every Sunday at the Peace. You might know our youngest members through your service as a catechist in one of the four atria that are available to children at St. Peter’s. Many of you encountered our children as volunteers during our recent Vacation Bible School about pilgrimage. How do you experience children at St. Peter’s?

I am thankful that our parish incorporates children into our life and worship—they offer so much. To quote Children in the Church, a guide to children at St. Peter’s written by Anna Hurdle, “Some adults question the wisdom of including preschool children in worship. It is true that they sometimes distract those around them and distress parents by their behavior. In spite of this possibility, as members of our family, they are needed by all of us to complete the circle at God’s table.”

As a family of God, we are also responsible for supporting parents on their journey. The journey of a parent is the most challenging adventure any human can embark on. In that regard we will be offering a three week formation series for parents on October 12, 19, and 26 called The Spiritual Roots of Loving Parenting. The class will offer practical parenting methods and a chance for St. Peter’s parents to support one another on our journey.

It is a privilege to serve the children and parents of St. Peter’s church.

–Laurie Haynes Burlington, Director of Children’s Formation