Thanksgiving for Life at St. Peter’s

rencherWe have a tremendous life in this sacred place. God’s abundance envelops us in a manner I often find hard to articulate, at least with any brevity. When asked in various settings about the life and health of our community of faith, I promptly reflect on the abundance of worship, formation (education), fellowship, servant ministry, music, and so much more. All that we offer and do in ministry is part of a dedication to nurturing relationships with the Creator and creating spaces for people to connect with St. Peter’s.

Among the significant resources in our midst is the talented company of staff and volunteers who serve in the numerous roles necessary to fulfill the robust ministry to which we are called. Collaborating with one another and a multitude of ministry area leaders and teams, they and I work closely to produce fruits from God’s vineyard and remain grateful for your support and prayers.

In this new season, I am especially grateful for Associate Organist, Aaron Goen, who also serves as the Assistant Director of The Choir School at St. Peter’s. Sunday, October 12 will mark his leave-taking day from St. Peter’s before beginning new church music service in the Arlington, Virginia area. As we celebrate the extraordinary ministry of Aaron Goen and offer gifts to honor his presence, may we always give thanks for life at St. Peter’s and what lies ahead for each of us.

I appreciate the gift of your time, talent, and money to sustain this sacred place, and bid your participation in Give To The Vision 2015: Connecting with St. Peter’s to keep us faithful and share the load. I just made my pledge to the Vision in praise of God from whom all blessings flow and it feels really good to return thanks in this way.

–The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher, Rector