How We Serve

woodallLiturgy is a word derived from two Greek words meaning “work of the people”. It defines what we do in our worship service.

When one thinks about the work of the people in worship, we tend to think about the work of the priests, supported by the Eucharistic Ministers and acolytes who assist at the altar—those who are visibly serving; however, there are many people who work “behind the scenes” to support the worship life of the church.

The need for these supporting ministers is increasing, and we need more people to help us in this work. There are many opportunities to serve:

  • The Altar Guild is a group of people who set up the altar for the celebrations of Communion or Holy Eucharist.
  • Ushers hand out service leaflets, help visitors find seats, pass out the alms basins (collection plates), and assist in providing information about the church.
  • Hosts provide a welcoming presence before and after services, welcoming visitors and members alike. They also answer questions about the service as well as the life of the church.
  • Weekday Volunteer Receptionists are present in the church office Monday through Friday and provide a welcoming presence in the office area of the church. They are also available to assist with projects initiated by the clergy or staff.

We have many people who are serving each week, but we need more.  Please contact me either by email ( or by phone (704-749-6151). I look forward to answering your questions and helping you discern where your talents can be directed in your work to serve God at our beloved St. Peter’s.

–Mary Virginia Woodall, Director of Ministry Development