From the Parish Administrator, Leigh Dixon

dixonApril has been an exciting month for us here in the administrative offices. The first quarter has ended successfully; everyone survived Holy Week; and now we prepare for all the moving parts that summer will bring. My new role as Parish Administrator began in January and I’m delighted to report that the challenges have been notable and gratification significant. The continued support from staff and the kindness from parishioners has made this transition a perfect fit.

For those of you who are not familiar with my responsibilities, let me share with you. My duties include:

  • Working closely with the Treasurer to ensure the finances are properly maintained and in compliance with accounting practices.
  • Maintain personnel records, manage benefits and payroll.
  • Assist with administrative responsibilities with St. Peter’s Endowment, Center City Concerts at St. Peter’s, and Augustine Literacy Project.

I’m excited to announce the integration of some new technology that will allow me to securely email quarterly statements. Soon you will be receiving the first 2015 statement via email if your member record shows a valid email. For those not using email your statement will continue to be delivered by regular mail.

I’m constantly reminded of the remarkable history here at St Peter’s and its influence from past and current parishioners. I’m privileged to be a part of such a beautiful organization and to support this crowd of bold followers of Jesus that effects good change for the world.