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“The arts help children learn to say what cannot be said.” –E. Eisner

Mr. Eisner’s commentary on the value of arts education is just one of ten “Lessons the Arts Teach” we recently sent in poster form to the region’s Elementary Music Teachers. At The Choir School, we’ve seen the value of the arts in the lives of hundreds of choristers—who have “learned to say what cannot be said” for sure, as well as that problems can have more than one solution, that small differences can have large effects, and that multiple perspectives are important—all benefits identified by Eisner.

This time of year, Choir School choristers are busy putting some of those benefits into practice. May is when we offer Spring Concerts as well as when we prepare for summer tour—and this year’s tours will take us not only to the coast of North Carolina but all the way to England, where our MasterSingers will serve as Choir in Residence at Salisbury Cathedral. May is also the time when we reach out across the region to find the talented young singers who will become choristers in our 2015–2016 season. Elementary music teachers are our allies in this search—the poster was a gift we sent to each of them this year to thank them for helping us identify potential choristers.

Will you help us too? We’re looking for boys and girls between the ages of seven and ten who love to sing. If you know someone like that, we’d like to invite them to join us for Discovery Night, our annual open house. Discovery Night is a fun evening that lets kids experience an open rehearsal, meet others who love to sing, and audition for our upcoming season.

Discovery Night will take place at St. Peter’s on Monday, May 18 for girls and Tuesday, May 19 for boys. The events, which begin at 6:00 pm, are free and open to the public, but reservations are recommended.
More information is available on The Choir School website or by contacting me: 704-749-6149 or

–Kay Johnson, Managing Director, The Choir School at St. Peter’s