Summer is here!

holtDuring summer youth activities, our ten adult mentors and I will look at the recent Youth Formation program year to see what improvements we will make in our spiritual development offerings for our youth this fall. We will assess how well we addressed the 4 S’s: self, spirituality, society, and sexuality, foundations of our curriculum and themes for providing our youth with tools and lessons to make life decisions as disciples of Christ.

As our YAC seniors graduate, we see clearly that their adult mentors have helped them achieve these goals. In moving towards their college journey, they appreciate the love and support of their parish family.

Most of our youth will spend time this summer continuing this journey of discipleship. Our sophomores and juniors are on their Pilgrimage, seeking God more intimately and connecting with ancient pilgrims and saints. They will honor you by offering prayers for you at holy sites in Spain. Many will participate in mission offerings to continue their 4 S learning via a mission trip to Roanoke, Episcopal Outreach Camp, and FarmWorkers Ministry. Our youth will serve as “helper campers” at H.U.G.S. Camp, providing a camp experience for people with physical challenges. Your support through prayer, funding, and mentoring enable our youth to grow in God and to ensure a future for the Church.

To quote senior Patrick Knip to his YAC mentors via Facebook, “you all have made growing up so wonderful, and I can never repay you! I’ll be back to visit during college and after!” Special thanks to Mike Hoffman, Jan Keny, and Logan Smith for their 8+ years of youth ministry. It certainly takes a village to raise a child, and St. Peter’s is one that grows young bold followers of Jesus that effect good change in the world, who believe in being beacons of hope, and who radiate radical love.

–Lyn Holt, Director of Youth Formation