A Christmas Message from The Rector

rencherEmbracing Hope. Christmas is the embodiment of hope. Our hope, the Christ Child, was born into a world crowded with darkness, poverty, and exclusion. His mother Mary and earthly father Joseph moved from Nazareth to Bethlehem for his birth, because both he and they were not safe from evil. Now, the One for whom we waited in Advent has come again. The Savior was born and lives to show us how to live and create a better and just society, the beloved community of God.

Embracing Hope. Episcopal Christians encounter hope in Word and Sacrament. Our hope was born and lives continually to outshine the world’s darkness, eradicate poverty, and challenge the sin of exclusion. Jesus’ astonishing message of peace does not discriminate. It is for all people that they might be fully alive, healed, and made whole.

Embracing Hope. Love came down at Christmas to be our hope. Our Lord’s timing was perfect long ago and definitely is such today. In thanksgiving for the gift of His birth, let us embrace hope and move more deeply into St. Peter’s parish vision to become: a community of bold followers of Jesus, a crowd that effects good change for the world, a place known for radical love and welcome, and a beacon of hope in Center City Charlotte. The world undoubtedly will be different, because of our response to Christmas.

Peace and blessings in Christmastide and beyond,

–The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher, Rector