December 30, 2015

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Pausing to Review and Look Ahead: This is a time when many of us pause to review the year that has passed and, even more commonly, look ahead at the year to come and “resolve” to do a few things differently. In our parish life together, we did some looking back on our ministries together at our annual meeting on December 6th.  If you missed it, the report is online.

Some of the highlights for me have been

  • a mission trip to migrant farmworker camps in Eastern NC and subsequent collection of pants and gloves to shield the workers’ bodies from pesticides;
  • witnessing the spiritual growth and friendships among our growing youth group, especially among those who made a pilgrimage to Spain;
  • watching gaggles of young children look for and unite with their parents before gathering at the altar together for Communion each Sunday;
  • noticing the blend of new and “seasoned” among us as we sat under the shade of oak trees at Independence Park for our annual picnic in June;
  • crying, praying, and singing alongside several of you as you have experienced loss and hardship;
  • celebrating how we continue to grow in love for one another and the community in quiet ways like delivering Easter lilies to homebound parishioners and louder ways such as walking together in the CROP Walk, Pride Parade or AIDS walk.

Friends, as we enter this new calendar year, remember that what makes St. Peter’s such a vibrant place isn’t primarily our beautiful facilities or thoughtful programs or amazing choir; rather, it is our relationships with one another and with the Incarnate One, in whom we live, move and have our being, that enables us to live into our vision and God’s dream for us.  It is from these relationships that we are energized and empowered, each of us in particular ways at St. Peter’s and beyond its doors, to serve the One who loves us first and forever.

As we enter 2016, may we resolve to make ourselves available to the relationships and love that make St. Peter’s shine ever more brightly as a “beacon of hope in Center City Charlotte.”

—The Reverend Joslyn Ogden Schaefer, Associate Rector
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Thank You for Your Generous Abundance – End-of-Year Annual Giving Campaign Update: With 2015 drawing to a close, those who have not yet pledged still have time to join those who have shown such generous abundance. Moving into 2016, we acknowledge all those who make possible life at St. Peter’s. As of Tuesday, December 29, 280 units totaling $818,830 have been pledged toward the $950,000 goal.

If you have not yet been able to make your own pledge, we invite you to join those who make all this abundance possible: Mrs. Jeanne Agan, Mr. Jim Amburn, Ms. J. Candace Armstrong, The Honorable John Arrowood, Mr. Robert Atkins, Mr. Michael Baker, Mrs. Susan Baldwin, Mrs. Robert Bandy, Ms. Adelaide Barringer, The Reverend and Mrs. James Bartos, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bass, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Beaird, Mr. Bob Beardsley and Mr. Frank Steele, Mr. Steven Bentley and Mr. David Deal, Mr. Timothy Bice, Ms. Donna Black, Ms. Sandra Blair, Mrs. Warren Leslie Bobbitt, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Ovidio Bocanegra, Ms. Jen Bourne, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bossemeyer, Mr. and Mrs. Erskine Bowles, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bowles, Mr. Mark Boyd and Mr. Andre Fleuriel, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Boykin, Isabelle Bradberry, Mr. and Mrs. John Bradberry, Mr. Chase Branham, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Brent, Mr. and Mrs. John Brien, Mr. and Mrs. William Britton Jr., Ms. Elizabeth Brodie and Dr. Damian Bracy, Mr. Neil Broncaccio, Ms. Debra Brooks, Dr. Barbara Brown, Mr. Donald Brown, Mr. William Bryan and Ms. Mary Margaret Myers, Mr. and Mrs. John Budall, Mr. and Mrs. Steven Burke, Mr. Louis Burkhead and Ms. Joan Graham, Laurie and Rob Burlington, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Busch, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Caldwell, Dr. Susan Campbell and Mr. Sean Casey, Ms. Carolyn Carlburg, Dr. and Mrs. Kent Carpenter, Kyle Cathey, Lelyand Cathey, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Chapin, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Chapin, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cheshire, Mr. Dumont Clarke and Ms. Shirley Linn, The Reverend Julie Clarkson, Ellison Clary and Linda Gallehugh, Robin Chochran, Ms. Tina Coelho, Mrs. Gina Columna, Ms. Jo Cooley, Mrs. Suzanne Coonen, Ms. Gloria Cooper, Mrs. Peggy Copeland, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Corcoran, Mrs. Elizabeth Corzine, Ms. Chantalle Couba, Mr. Jack Cozean, Mrs. James B. Craighill, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crayton, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cudabac, Mr. Rodney Currin, Mr. John Denti, Vince DiFrancesco and Nikki Scandalios, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Dresser, Mr. Jeffrey Drum, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dudley, Mrs. Nancy Dumbell, Ms. Nancy Duncan, Dr. John Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ellsworth, Ms. Elsie Erneston, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ezzo, Ms. Roberta Farman Stein, Mrs. Starla Felder, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ferguson, Ms. Joy Floyd, Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Fogan, Mrs. Kusawn Foster, Mr. Theodore Foster, Jr., Dr. John Frederick and Mr. Anthony Craghead, Mr. Brian Gallagher and Mr. Terry Prince, Mr. Samuel Gardner III and Mr. Jim DiMartino, Mr. Pendley Garrett, Callan Ghareeb, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ghareeb, Diana Gibbs, Dr. Margaret Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gilman, Ms. Lydia Gittens, The Right Reverend and Mrs. Gary Gloster, Ms. Mary Gotschall, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon G. Graves, Mr. and Mrs. James Green, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Greene, Ms. Lynn Griffin, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gross, Evette Guine-Paige and Terry Paige, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hacker, Mr. Randy Haith, The Reverend Dr. Paul Hanneman, Dr. John Hall and Mr. Robbie Howell, Mr. and Mrs. James Hardy, Ms. Ann Haskell, Ms. Josephine H. Hicks, Dr. Gwendolyn High, Mr. and Mrs. William Hinson, III, The Reverend and Mrs. William Hinson, Jr., Mrs. Irma Hoffman, Mr. Michael Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. John Hoke, Mr. Horace Holmes, Lyn and Harris Holt, Eugenia Holtz, Mr. Andrew Horgan and Mr. Alex Choong, Katherine Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Dandridge Hurdle, Mr. and Mrs. John Hurst, Jr., Ms. Kimberly Hurst, Douglas Hutto and Steve Thomas, Ms. Louise Im, Mr. Thomas Im and Mr. Michael Loose, Ms. Marie Irving, Dr. and Mrs. David Jacobs, Mrs. Nancy Jewell, Mrs. Edith Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Johnson, Ms. Elaine Jones, Mr. John Joslin, Mr. and Mrs. William Kalbas, Mr. Walter Kearns, Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Keller, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Keller, Jr., Dr. John Ketron and Mr. Michael Wright, Mr. Thomas Kiser, Ms. Maureen Kivney, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Knox, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Koppenal, Mr. and Mrs. William Krewson, Mr. and Mrs. Jan Kyle, Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Lakin, Ms. Lynn Lau, Mr. and Mrs. David Lavoie, Ms. Nelda Leon, Ms. Lynnette Lewis, Ms. Carol Lillard, Mr. and Mrs. Kent Lineberger, Mrs. Betty Little, Mr. and Mrs. Nevan Little, Mrs. Trissy Lomax, Dr. V. Alan Lombardi and Ms. Linda Trent, Mrs. Kathleen (Cash) Long, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lopes, Abe Loven, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Loven, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Luquire, Mr. and Mrs. Zach Luszcz, Lisa Lynn and Caren Akin, Mrs. Claudia Macauley, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mandon, Mr. Elwood Manigault, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Markel, Mrs. Susanne Martin, Mr. Richard Mautz III and Ms. Emily Stolz, Ms. Janie Maybeck, Ms. Susan McConnell, Mr. James McEwen, Mrs. Dorothy McGavran, Ms. Patricia McGrath, Ms. Hulene McLean, Ms. Judy McLeod, Al McMillian and Sydney Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. Mac Meloy, Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Mercer, Ms. Wendy Merrill, Mr. Matthew Messer, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Miano, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mixter, Mr. and Mrs. Thayer Moeller, Mrs. Antonia Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Moore, Mr. and Mrs. North Moore, III, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Micah Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Morrison, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. George Mundle, Mr. Todd Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Nelson, Ms. Kimberly Newman, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nicholson, III, Mr. Charles Noe and Mr. Randy Peacock, Mr. and Mrs. John Norton II, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. O’Neill, Mr. Ben Outen, Mr. Trey Owen and Mr. Wes Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. James Owens, Mr. James Padgett, Dr. Leland Park, Mr. John Parker, III, Mr. and Mrs. James Partington, III, Michael Pawlyk and Elizabeth Richardson, Ms. Betty Payne, Miss Edith Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Pechar, Dr. Willian Pfischner, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Raiford, Mr. Patrick Ratchford, Ms. Kristine Reid, The Reverend and Mrs. Ollie V. Rencher, Mr. and Ms. Michael Restaino, Ms. Rosalie Reynolds, Mr. Greg Robbins, Ms. Marie Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Roosa, Ms. Linda Sarazen, Ms. Nancy Sarazen, Ms. Callina Satterfield, The Reverend Joslyn and Dr. Brian Schaefer, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schroeder, Mrs. Yvette Seaton, Mr. and Mrs. James Shannonhouse, Jr., Mr. Matthew Sharp, Mr. Harry Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. John Shumate, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Singletary, Ms. Anita Smith, The Reverend and Mrs. L. Murdock Smith, Miles Smith, Mr. Rob Smith and Ms. Maria Long, The Reverend and Mrs. Jonathan Soyars, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Spinazzolla, Mr. Michael Spivey, Mr. David Starnes, Mr. Robert Steppe, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stigall, Mr. Wesley Sturgis Jr., The Reverend Carl Synan, Avery and Will Teichman, Mrs. Norveline Thomas, Mr. Joel Thompson, Dr. John Thompson, Jr., Mr. Rob Thompson and Mrs. Ellen Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tindle, Mr. and Mrs. James Tringas, Mrs. Mary Anna Turner, Choquette and Andrew Uglehus, Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Vanderpool, Ms. Amanda Vann and Ms. Sharon Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Ruard Veltman, Ms. Kristine Wade, Dr. George Waterhouse, Mrs. Eulada Watt, Nathan Webb, Mr. and Mrs. J. McDonald Welch, Hope Westerfield and Marti Henderson, Mr. Bill Wheeler, Mrs. Teresa Whelan, Mrs. Cynthia White, Ms. Carole Whittington, Ms. Lisa Wielunski, Mrs. Mary Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. William Williamson, III, Ms. Mary (Lindie) Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wilson, Mary Virginia and Dan Woodall, Mrs. Ruth Woodend, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Young, Mr. and Mrs. John Zemaitis, and Mr. and Mrs. Philip Zulick.

Together in faith, the parish family can continue to support all that God calls us to do and to be in Center City Charlotte. Learn more about Give to the Vision 2016: Generous Abundance and pledge online today, click here.
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Holiday Office Closing: The Parish offices will be closed on New Year’s Day and will re-open on Monday, January 1, for regular office hours beginning at 8:30 a.m.
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Increasing Connections in the New Year: As we move into 2016, the Parish Clergy, Staff, and Volunteers are committed to increased levels of hospitality, accessibility, relationship building, and information sharing to improve our common life. Ministry duties for each person are being adjusted to better respond to and empower parishioners as they seek to perform their own ministries or contact the parish house with inquiries of various sorts.

What does this mean, in concrete terms?

  • Office Hours: Watch this space and the bulletin board for detailed information about parish office hours including the work and sabbath rest days for clergy, staff, and volunteers, beginning when the offices re-open on Monday, January 4.
  • One-Stop Shopping: Watch the bulletin board in the Parish House Lobby and website for details about which clergy, staff or volunteer is primarily responsible for certain ministries and matters, and the best ways to receive help or information from that person.
  • SOAK: That’s an acronym for Source Of All Knowledge. Of course, no one here could possibly know everything about life at St. Peter’s. But we’re designating three sources for those times when you need answers and don’t know who has them. One SOAK contact is the receptionist (704-332-7746) at the front desk in the parish house lobby. We’re equipping our volunteer (daytime) and paid (after-hours) receptionists with more information and empowering them with more authority to offer you hands-on help. The other SOAK contact is our Communications Administrator, Peg Robarchek (, 704-749-6141). Peg is committed to helping you find answers when you aren’t sure where to turn. The third source we suggest is the website, which we will be working to make more user-friendly, with fresher content on an ongoing basis in the new year.

Of course, we need your help in figuring out ways to continuously improve our hospitality, accessibility, relationship building, and information sharing. When you see places where we can improve or have creative ideas around these areas, contact Peg Robarchek (, 704-749-6141).
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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Are you following the conversation on St. Peter’s Facebook page about the gifts of the Holy Spirit during the twelve days between Christmas and Epiphany? It isn’t too late to follow the conversation and add your thoughts about the gifts of love, revelation, forgiveness, joy, hope, redemption, a name, humility, companionship, gratitude, peace, and blessing. Also, this Sunday, add your thoughts about one or more of these gifts to the Life at St. Peter’s bulletin board in the Parish House Lobby.
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Adult Formation: On Sunday, January 3, the Parish Hall Forum topic will be Epiphany: Welcoming the Light, with scripture, music, and conversation led by the Reverend Joslyn Schaefer.
[av_toggle title=’Holy Conversation Begins January 6′ tags=”]
Holy Conversation Begins January 6: This new, weekly Wednesday morning offering begins on Wednesday, January 6, with 8:00 a.m. Morning Prayer in the Chapel, then continues in the Parlor with a scripture reflection led by the Reverend Ollie V. Rencher until 9:00 a.m. Consider adding this to your weekly routine and spread the word.
[av_toggle title=’Celebrate The Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ’ tags=”]
Celebrate The Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ: The Holy Eucharist followed by the Burning of the Greens will be offered on Wednesday, January 6, at 6:00 p.m. to celebrate the end of the twelve days of Christmas. You’re encouraged to bring a small piece of greenery to add to the fire pit at the end of the service to commemorate the birth of the Light of Christ for the world.
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Pub Theology: This monthly, clergy-led discussion fellowship offering resumes on Thursday, January 7, at 6:00 p.m. at Sir Edmond Halley’s Restaurant and Freehouse in Park Road Shopping Center <<>>. The Reverend Joslyn Schaefer will lead a discussion on our response as Christians to the plight of refugees. Drop in for as long as possible and bring others. Stay tuned for next month’s topic, host, and location.
[av_toggle title=’Sunday Evenings at St. Peter’s’ tags=”]
Sunday Evenings at St. Peter’s: The regular schedule for Sunday Evenings at St. Peter’s resumes on Sunday, January 3, at 5:00 p.m. On the first, third, and fifth Sundays, contemplative services of the Holy Eucharist offer unique ways to meditate on the Holy Scriptures, stirring piano music offerings, as well as periods of silence, and candlelight to enhance the experience. On the second and fourth Sundays through April 24, a service of Choral Evensong (sung Evening Prayer) and the Holy Eucharist is offered.
[av_toggle title=’Room in the Inn Supplies’ tags=”]
Room in the Inn Supplies: Watch for donation bins in the Parish House Lobby for supplies to help our homeless neighbors. Every Wednesday through March, we welcome them to stay overnight at St. Peter’s through the Room in the Inn program. We help to supply the neighbors with some personal toiletry items while they are here and to take with them if need be. Generally, we do not need donations of travel size shampoo, conditioner, or bar soaps. Below are listed some of the items you can donate that we can use immediately. There will be a donation bin in the parish house lobby for the next several weeks.

  • Personal size or travel size deodorants for men and/or women.
  • Personal-size or travel -size hand lotion.
  • Lip balm or chapstick
  • Travel size toothpaste
  • 15 each, washcloths and small hand towels

[av_toggle title=’Holy Chow Resumes in Epiphany’ tags=”]
Holy Chow Resumes in Epiphany: Join us on Sunday, January 10 for Holy Chow breakfast, served from 8:30 – 9:25 am in the Community Room on the Second Floor of the Parish House. Volunteers are needed to keep this ministry afloat. Volunteers serve monthly on a team that prepares a delicious breakfast for our parish family from September to May. Contact Tate Sterrett to volunteer (, 704-293-8551). Until we build up the volunteer teams, a hearty continental breakfast will be served most Sundays
[av_toggle title=’Baptisms on January 10′ tags=”]
Baptisms on January 10: We will be celebrating the sacrament of Holy Baptism on January 10 at the 10:45 a.m. liturgy. Please contact The Reverend Joslyn Ogden Schaefer (, 704-749-6150) if you are interested in being baptized or having a child baptized. You can learn more online.
[av_toggle title=’Life at St. Peter’s Calendar’ tags=”]
Life at St. Peter’s: Watch for the Life at St. Peter’s calendar of events and activities for winter and spring, 2016, available in mailboxes and around the Parish House after Christmas. You can also view it online.
[av_toggle title=’Looking Ahead — Mark Your Calendars’ tags=”]
Looking Ahead — Mark Your Calendars

  • January 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Holy Eucharist at 11:30 a.m. and Center City Concert at Noon, “Gospels, Spirituals, and Classics”
  • January 24: Legacy Sunday will be observed in thanksgiving for the 1834 Legacy Society and the importance of Planned Giving at St. Peter’s
  • January 24: Celebrating Hope parish family luncheon to honor Outreach and Social Justice ministry, volunteers, and area partners through whom we carry out our mission.
  • January 29 and 30: Epiphany Retreat: Bridges Out of Poverty