Stewardship of St. Peter’s Physical Plant

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”    – Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

I feel that this statement encompasses the stewardship of property that we at St. Peter’s strive to accomplish, as well as promote to others. We seek to create and maintain a beautiful building and stunning grounds, by using our talents and contributing our efforts to the tasks that are presented to us. I have found that when one is a steward of property, that regardless if completed work is clearly observable, or if completed work is inconspicuous, all is equally valuable to the overall intended purpose.

The work that is performed on the building and grounds by the facilities team, contractors, and parishioners not only intends to be welcoming and aesthetically pleasing, but also seeks to protect those around us from possible harm. A recent example is the repair work undertaken on the stained glass window units located in the doors leading into the Chapel. Over time, the glass pieces within the stained glass window units had broken, as well as become unsecured, which was unappealing and hazardous. This issue was rectified by having the stained glass units professionally repaired, restored, and  secured. Our hope is that the stained glass units will be safely enjoyed by all for years to come.

The treasure of the building and grounds of St. Peter’s represents the stewardship of generations that have provided their hard work, care, and love. Within my time at St. Peter’s, I have come to learn a good amount about the building and grounds, which has assisted my own stewardship of the property, though I am aware that, as in other aspects of life, I have more to learn through my journey.

Brian Whitley, Facilities Lead