The Choir School at St. Peter’s: Food for the Soul

outenThe Choir School at St. Peter’s is one of our parish’s most unique outreach programs, combining the church’s historical purpose as a leader in education with fresh and imaginative new ideas.

Begun in 1993, The Choir School at St. Peter’s offers music education based on our Anglican heritage of music and the English Cathedral model, combined with the current trend of community choirs singing a broad range of musical styles. It has been life-giving for well over 500 children and teens. Choristers come from our parish and throughout the entire Charlotte metropolitan region. They work hard learning to read music while preparing for services and concerts. Through this process many, many life lessons are learned: one of the most important of which is giving back those gifts which are so carefully honed by leading worship and offering concerts. These efforts are food for the soul for everyone involved.

St. Peter’s vision to support this program was and continues to be cutting edge in the larger church. There are some choral traditions similar to ours but there are few that manage a similar breadth of experience. Our choirs collaborate with other performing ensembles, regularly taking their place as young leaders in our arts community. That lesson is furthered by the leadership of the Board of Directors and Staff. Together they work to create a sustainable organization that leads the non-profit community with innovative and systematic planning and development, while presenting creative and effective programming.

Summer is an important time for The Choir School: the choirs toured Georgia and Florida in June; new choristers are recruited and auditioned throughout the summer; and the new choir year begins in August with a week of camp for younger choristers and a weekend retreat for teenagers. If you are interested in being a part of The Choir School, you can learn more at There are wonderful stories, pictures, and videos. Thank you for your vision to grow young musicians and the future of music in the Episcopal Church through such creative and intentional outreach.

Ben Outen
Director of Music and Organist
Founding Director of the Choir School at St. Peter’s