Vacation Formation: Saints in the Summer

Anna HurdleWhile many of our formation offerings held during the school year take a break over the summer, formation is not on vacation. The last two summers, St. Peter’s offered a week-long Vacation Bible School for children based on particular saints, their history and legacy. Following on that theme, but expanding to a broader audience and time offerings, Saints in the Summer was developed and replaced the VBS model. It began on June 12 and will end on August 21. Teams of parishioners use their creativity, passion and skills to assist with the homily, meal, and formation experience.

Saints in the Summer begins with 5:00 p.m. worship, typically a one-hour Rite II Eucharist. Collects, readings, music, and the homily are based on an appointed saint, holy woman or holy man. After Eucharist, an hour of fellowship and formation is offered, including a simple meal and formation experience that connects to the appointed saint or holy person. Saints in the Summer is multi-generational, inclusive of children, but not “child-centric.” In other words, there is something for everyone, especially for those whose travel or have other activities that might prevent Sunday morning attendance.

Remaining schedule:

7/31 St. Clare of Assisi (1194 –1253) is an Italian saint and one of the first followers of Saint Francis of Assisi. She founded the Order of Poor Ladies, a monastic religious order for women in the Franciscan tradition, and wrote their Rule of Life.

8/7 Jonathan Myrick Daniels (1939 –1965) was an Episcopal seminarian and civil rights worker who was murdered in Hayneville, Alabama while in the act of saving a 17-year-old civil rights activist. In 1991 Daniels was designated as a martyr in the Episcopal church.

8/14 St. Moses the Black (330–405) was an ascetic monk and priest in Egypt in the fourth century AD, and a notable Desert Father. Today St. Moses the Black is venerated by the Episcopal church as an apostle of nonviolence.

8/21 Dorothy Day (1897 – 1980) was an American journalist and activist who worked for such social causes as pacifism and women’s suffrage through the prism of the Catholic Church.

We hope that you will join us as often as possible, or better yet, help us on one of the teams by signing up here.

Anna Hurdle, Director of Children’s Formation