Journeying Together on the Road from Justice to Peace

St. Peter’s Outreach Volunteer Challenge Weekend

josIn the wake of our city’s unrest, many parishioners have asked Fr. Ollie and me, “What can I do?” After all it is one thing to talk about the Church journeying together on the road from “justice to peace,” as Fr. Ollie put it in his sermon a couple weeks ago, and quite another for us to put one foot in front of the other! While there aren’t easy answers, quick fixes, or miracle cures to treat the wound of injustice in our community, each one of us can “do” something.

First, we can pray for our city, asking for God’s guidance, and offering ourselves for God’s service. If you are having trouble finding words for your prayers, consider simply sitting in silence or using prayers from our Prayer Book. (Check out the Prayers and Thanksgiving link or p. 809 in the hard copy.)

Second, our Outreach Ministry Area has challenged each parishioner to engage in an outreach ministry the weekend of October 14–16. Serving others beyond our parish family and getting to know and love fellow parishioners in the process is a demonstrates our hope and manifests the goodness that will finally overcome our divisions.

On Friday, you could attend the Caberet Night concert performed by our Choir School. The Choir School at St. Peter’s is an important outreach ministry of the parish and brings together diverse children from all over our region to “enrich and strengthen young lives through excellent, rigorous music education, and choral performance.” Purchase tickets here.

On Saturday, sign up to put siding up on two Habitat Homes begun by other Charlotte faith communities. Volunteers are especially needed for the afternoon shift (use Group ID 2717) or contact parish coordinators Rich Mautz (, 336-757-6909) or John Knip (, 980-721-4850).

On Sunday, join others from across the city in the nation’s largest CROP/Hunger Walk. We need walker and donors. Donate or sign-up online or visit the CROP table in the gallery after Church this Sunday. Contact Logan Smith , 704-448-4436, or visit our online site. We also need folks to prepare a light lunch for walkers. Sign up to bring lunch here.

Third, our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has said, “voting and participation in our government…is a Christian obligation.” Contact Social Justice Ministry Team co-Leader Lisa Wielunski ( to learn about the parish’s effort to increase participation in the upcoming election.

The Reverend Joslyn Ogden Schaefer, Associate Rector