On Spirituality and Money

I was lucky to be included in some early planning for the parish wide read on “Spirituality and Money,” which meant I got to preview the articles and had the opportunity to have some conversation with Joslyn+ about my own relationship with money.

As someone whose professional work has been in the field of philanthropy for over 30 years, I have seen the joys and pressure that money can bring. Ironically, sometimes the more money someone has, the increased isolation they can feel. As parents, my husband and I wrestle with the anxiety that can come from trying to balance life, paying for college for our girls, doing meaningful work and living a comfortable life.

The articles chosen for our parish read are rich with practical advice and stimulation for deep reflection on our culture addicted to “the pursuit of more” and how we can shift toward a more internal source of security.

This opportunity to wrestle with how we see and use our resources, our influence, and talents would always be important. Yet with the conversations our broader community is having about poverty, implicit bias, inequity, systemic barriers, and student assignment, I can’t think of a more critical time for the St. Peter’s family to join hands in this conversation and see how we can be more than a “sounding gong or clanging cymbal”.

Please consider joining us in this read and come to the parish forum on November 6 at 9:30 am in which Joslyn+, parishioner Nelda Leon and others will lead us in a final discussion reflecting on themes in this essays.

Kristin Hills Bradberry

Note: The three essays are available online (www.st-peters.org/spirituality-and-money) and hardcopies are in the Parish House Lobby.

Young Adults are specifically invited to participate in a four-week study led by Josiah Daniels on Sunday night from 6:00 – 7:30 pm beginning this Sunday, October 23 on these same essays plus a bonus essay all available online (www.st-peters.org/youngadults). Contact Riley Beetner (rbeetner@gmail.com, 980-240-1254) for additional details.