The Power of Community: Support Life at St. Peter’s

ollie-chancelOn Sunday, October 9, our parish’s 2017 Annual Fund Co-Chairman Mike Wilson offered a minute-for-ministry before the Offertory and setting of God’s Table for the Holy Eucharist. He shared that it was “that time of year again,” when those charged with the ministry of soliciting pledges to support our operating budget were about to start their necessary work.

I suspect that Mike, like most of us, would rather not need to ask for financial support of God’s Church and the ministry of St. Peter’s Parish. There used to be a time in Christianity when the money would simply come, and come generously and often from a majority, without asking. However, today, I am keenly aware that, in community, we must ask for what we need in order for the body (individual or group) to become whole, stronger, empowered, and prosperous.

Personally, I can attest to the challenge of asking for what I need. My fellow clergy, staff, many parishioners, family, and friends can attest to this. With God’s help and thanks to them, I am mindful that I become my best self through the power of community, when I ask and give.

In the community of St. Peter’s, I pray, sing, reflect, learn, grow, receive, vent, grieve, laugh, cry, and celebrate life, while appreciating the faith family’s help to my journey. In this extraordinary community, I give time, talents, and skills. In this vibrant community, I give financial support to our annual fund in thanksgiving for our parish vision with a 10% tithe as my goal. In preparation for Commitment Sunday, November 6, I am prayerful and excited about the power of what we can do through our communal ministry of giving to “Support Life at St. Peter’s: Pledge 2017.”

God’s blessings and peace as we journey,


The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher, Rector