Trying in Thanksgiving for All Saints’ and Commitment Sunday

ollie-chancelEvery year on November 1, the body of Christ, the Church, remembers the saints – past and present. In faith, the saints of God do the most important thing suggested by the Baptismal Covenant: “try.” As I consider innumerable saints, known and unknown, serious and funny, reverent and irreverent, I find that the one common characteristic that each has is that she or he tries. The saint attempts to do what is right and often fails. The saint is far from perfect. Many have even committed notorious sins against God and humankind. In this, there is hope for all of us, as we consider our earthly lives. Lest we forget, God is forgiveness.

In community, we humbly work on our own sainthood, as we try to do what is right and glorify God in thought, word, and deed. Life at St. Peter’s allows us the sacred space to do this, as an imperfect community, trying to fulfill the mission of God’s Church. The faithful offering of ourselves, souls, and bodies into this awesome community is bound to bless us, bless those beyond our doors, and ultimately please God. The sacrificial giving of our time, talents, and financial resources will help our journey as the saints of God on earth.

On November 6 at St. Peter’s, not only will we sing “for the all the saints, who from their labors rest,” we will raise to God our pledges to support the parish annual fund and honor Commitment Sunday. For the rest of 2016 and in preparation for 2017, our pledged monies matter, regardless of the amount. When we pledge, we try to strengthen what is required behind-the-scenes to focus on our mission, ministry, and Parish Vision.

May the lives and legacies of the saints who have gone before us encourage us to try to do what is right, every day of our lives, in the name of the One who promises us eternal life.

God’s peace and blessings, Ollie+

The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher, Rector