Choose Peace. Create Peace. Be Peace.

ollie-chancelAdvent presents invitations for Christians to respond to the commonly held suggestions of slowing down, preparing, and joyfully anticipating, yet again, the Incarnation: God with us. The season also advocates that those who celebrate the Nativity of Our Lord might consider other ways of making the season special or different. Recently, I was reminded fondly of a three-fold concept that strikes me as fitting for Advent: Choose Peace. Create Peace. Be Peace.

These wise words from my paternal grandfather, who lived to be 103 years old, have become more present in my prayer life and daily devotion. He upheld that one can choose peace as an attitude; create peace in community with and by encouraging others; and can be peace by sharing the unconditional love of God that lives within oneself with another. As I ponder this holy concept, I am mindful that it is both hard work and yet possible, because of my Christian belief in the Creator God through whom all good things possible.

As the season continues to unfold and brings us closer to Christmas Eve, let us hold one another in prayer and thanksgiving for the ministries and bond that we share. With God’s help, let us choose peace, create peace, and be peace – as we wait to be surprised by Christ our Hope.

God’s blessings as we try, Ollie+

The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher, Rector