Holy Pilgrimage for our Teens


Our Youth Formation program’s mission is to provide St. Peter’s youth with opportunities for spiritual growth, personal development, and Christian fellowship in a caring, safe Anglican environment. Our vision has four parts: to strengthen their relationship with God through Christ; to build community; to foster appreciation of our youth and their gifts; to increase their involvement in parish life; and to teach them responsibility for society through outreach. We accomplish this mission for those who participate regularly through the Journey to Adulthood program, a comprehensive curriculum that nurture’s each teen’s spirituality, knowledge of scripture, love and care of self, and of society.

To these ends, we spend the year in classes Sunday mornings in a 6-year program and we take trips to build fellowship, to retreat, to help others, and to learn. Our ultimate trip is a Holy Pilgrimage, taken in their 10th/11th grade year, to a place where they will walk in the footsteps of the saints of our faith, and where they can see and feel their faith, writ large on the canvas of an ancient city. As a Class, they choose their destination and then spend three years (after their two years of Rite 13) learning about and growing into this special journey of faith. Our Pilgrim Class of 2017 decided on a pilgrimage through Rome, Assisi, and Milan. As the group travels together, staying in convents, using public transportation and feet (a lot), visiting churches and holy sites, this group of communicants will pray daily for their St. Peter’s community who have made this journey possible. Please email prayer requests to lholt@st-peters.org and the group will offer your prayers at St. Peter’s Basilica, The Basilica of St. Francis, and the Duomo in Milan. In this way, we will have the parish with us and will share the blessing of this faith adventure with you.

Lyn Holt, Director of Youth Formation