Our Relationships Build God’s Kingdom

Fr. Richard Rohr reminds us,

“the Holy Spirit is the love relationship between the Father and the Son. It is this relationship itself that is gratuitously given to us. Or better, we are included inside this love.”

God, in the Trinity, models for us how to live in relationship with each other. As a Vestry member liaison to the Congregational Development Team at St. Peter’s, our group focuses on the part of our church vision becoming “a place known for radical love and welcome.”

Payson Adams, a new parishioner a St. Peter’s, reminded our team that Jesus describes the Good Shepherd as one that “calls his own sheep by name.” A good place to begin relationship is to call someone’s name. Having implemented permanent name tags over the last several months for all those who come to St. Peter’s, our group has witnessed a blossoming of connection among parishioners, excitement for new relationships, and furthering the work of God here in our church. I have seen that excitement in Newcomer Coffee Hour where new and long time parishioners have answered the question “What is your passion?” and quickly discovered someone who shares that with them. New creation (God’s Kingdom) is formed with each relationship and with God’s blessing. I see this happening all over at St. Peter’s.

Meister Eckhart, a theologian and mystic, said “in this life we are to become heaven so that God might find a home here.” We have much work to do in this world and even at St. Peter’s to heal broken relationships, form new relationships, and build the God’s Kingdom, now, as we are called. I was inspired this week in reading about an effort to heal racial divides by asking folks to invite a family of another race into their home for a meal. At St. Peter’s, we have begun a monthly potluck lunch series on the second Sunday of each month. I encourage you to join and begin a new relationship. You might be surprised at the blessing it brings.


Cooper Morrison, Vestry Member for Congregational Development