Summertime: A Season of Worship and Formation

In anticipation of the Church calendar’s new season of Pentecost beginning on June 4, our Associate Rector, the Reverend Jacob E. Pierce, recounted a point of significance for Christians in 2017. “Gathered together on the fiftieth day since the Lord’s resurrection, the disciples were amazed as God poured out the Holy Spirit upon them…Saint Peter interpreted this event for those gathered and the church was born. What a perfect occasion for a celebration!”

Indeed, you and I are called to celebrate the birth of God’s Church and a corporate faith that mysteriously binds all Christians. Through intentional commitments to worship and formation, we offer our selves, souls, and sacred bodies before our Creator, alongside others, in thanksgiving for life and blessings, known and unknown.

Summertime at St. Peter’s provides weekly opportunities to assist adults, youth, and children in upholding the vows and promises made to God through baptism, especially to worship and be formed in faith. Even though curriculum-based classes, such as Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Journey to Adulthood, and the Parish Hall Forum, are suspended during summertime to give devoted facilitators (Catechists) a break, the worship of God and faith formation continues in keeping with the Fourth Commandment, “Remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy.”

Over the years, I have found, often hear, and appreciate that summertime at a vibrant parish like St. Peter’s creates a rare season and welcome space in often packed lives for making connections and building relationships. These benefits are major aspects of faith formation and important results of simply being present for worship according to our Sunday and weekday schedule.

It is a joy to return to St. Peter’s after an incredible three-month sabbatical leave–a gift for which I am most grateful. The parish community was always in my prayers. I am well rested, restored, and recharged for what God has for us to do as bold followers of Jesus.

Summertime presents a perfect and slower season for our intergenerational celebration of the birth of the Church through radical commitments to worship and formation. I look forward to gathering and growing together at St. Peter’s.

God’s blessings as we pray and try,

The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher, Rector