No Greater Gift

This past week, high school members from St. Peter’s and St. Martin’s had the opportunity to seek and see God through helping those who had lost their belongings and the use of their homes due to Hurricane Matthew, which devastated a large part of the population of eastern North Carolina. These unfortunate people, who lost so much, had no flood insurance. We helped two retired homeowners: one who did not have enough insurance, and one who was widowed right before the hurricane and had no insurance on her mobile home. Throughout our five-day trip, we installed insulation underneath two houses, as well as painting the walls, ceilings, and trim of two more houses.

Even with the hard work and dedication that went into this mission trip, the most prominent idea to surface was the love and positivity which brightened the lives of those around us throughout our time there. With each house, we put a smile on the face of someone who had been saddened by the loss of their home and possessions.

There is no greater gift than the happiness of the people around you, and as we achieved this, each of us felt the presence God in our own way. God stood beside us as we suited up for crawling underneath a house. God lifted a hand as we painted the houses, and gave us the strength to see through to the other side. God entrusted us with God’s love, which we were lucky enough to go out into the world and share with others. This has been a time we will all surely keep in our hearts.

Lena Miano