With Gratitude

Dear St. Peter’s Community,

In the fall of 2014, I moved to Charlotte to become the Assistant Organist and Choirmaster at St. Peter’s. From the very beginning, I felt the welcome of this congregation. This place was home to me from the very start.

As I began my work at the parish and at the Choir School, I experienced and enjoyed the beautiful liturgy and music at St. Peter’s. I found my place alongside Ben Outen, and with the choir and congregation of this wonderful community. I bought a house and made a home here in Charlotte.

The news of Ben’s departure caught me off guard, as I know it did many of you. My work with Ben has been a great gift to my life, and, with all of you, I am both saddened by his departure and glad for his new chapter.

After learning of Ben’s decision, Fr. Ollie and I began conversations around what was the best path forward for St. Peter’s and for me. I am delighted that our mutual discernment led to his offer and my enthusiastic acceptance of the position of Director of Music at St. Peter’s. It has been a pleasure and an honor to be part of the beautiful worship at St. Peter’s for the past three years as the assistant. It is a great joy and challenge to know that I will now continue here in a new role.

I am ever grateful for the welcoming community I’ve found here at St. Peter’s: on the staff, in the choir, and amongst the congregation as a whole. So many of you have reached out in the past few weeks to check in on me, to offer words of encouragement, and to assure me of your support moving forward. I am deeply grateful to all of you and for this community. With your support, I am confident in our ability to continue and grow the wonderful tradition of great music and liturgy that has already been so firmly established.

With gratitude,

Elizabeth Lenti, Director of Music and Organist