Care for One Another

If I have discovered anything, since getting involved with the Chronic Care Group at St. Peter’s, it would be that people are not defined by the worst things that can happen to them. One way in which this is accomplished would be through the companionship of others and the understanding that you are not alone. When encountering a life changing or long-term illness, it can feel like the body you’ve always depended on is betraying you. That what you used to be is no longer who you are. This kind of situation can cause one to feel isolated and less of the person you have always been.

What has come from The Chronic Care Connection is the ability to know that you’re not alone. And that the wounds that we carry are as much a part of what makes us human as the breaths we take. Because our shared human condition is part and parcel of what defines us as human beings, we are inter-dependent in everything we do. Because of this inter-dependency, the group has been expanded to include caregivers and is being offered to the wider community beyond that of St. Peter’s. With this growing dynamic, the group has decided the change its name to live out that truth. We will be changing the name to not be defined by the worst, but rather to be a guild of our parish in the pantheon of the name of the saints whose name will become our calling card. Stay tuned for our new name.

The Reverend Keith C. Lane, Assisting Priest