A Parochial Playground

It is hard for me to believe that my time as the Parish intern at St. Peter’s will come to a close at the end of October. Seeing school supplies on the shelves in the stores reminds me that summer is coming to an end and we are rounding the corner of yet another season.

I, too, am coming into another season on a personal level as I reflect on what it has meant to be part of the St. Peter’s parish community for the last nine months.

When Fr. Ollie and I met before I came to St. Peter’s, we decided to view my time as a “parochial playground.” I would have the opportunity to spend time on different pieces of the playground equipment (different areas of parish life) to see how that played into my growth within the church. As the season starts to change, I encourage everyone to think about what new part of the St. Peter’s playground you may like to explore. You never know who you may meet there or what opportunities for growth you may discover!

My heart is full thinking of the times I have spent working, serving, and just talking with many of you. St. Peter’s truly is living into its commitment to hospitality, love, and welcome. I have seen firsthand your work in the community both inside and outside the walls of the parish church. I am proud to tell folks that I am part of the St. Peter’s family.

My mantra during this internship has been to “Look in, look out, and look up.” As a parish community, you have richly blessed me with opportunities to do all of those things. I also think that as a parish, it is one of the things that St. Peter’s does very well. As my discernment process to become a Vocational Deacon continues beyond my time at St. Peter’s, I ask your prayers for me and will forever hold you in mine.  I have been honored to be in your presence and have learned a great deal about what it means to be a bold, faithful follower of Christ.

Robin Sands, Parish Intern