Give Thanks For What God Gives

Welcome to the new program year! This is always an exciting time, gearing up for Adult and Children’s Formation, Holy Chow, and preparing for the Annual Fund. The St. Peter’s staff has worked diligently over the summer to get the building and grounds ready and to plan the Fall 2017 schedule.

I walked through the Church at 7:15 a.m. last Friday on my way to open the front door in preparation for Morning Prayer. It was peaceful and still, so I decided to sit. Memories came flooding back from when I was a little girl sitting on the second row in between my Mom and Dad during the service at Midway United Methodist Church. The preacher, Joe Warner, was a big man and at times it was though I could feel his breath on me when he stood in front of us. He liked to step down from the pulpit to get close to the pews and take long pauses while looking intently at us, or maybe placing his hand on someone’s shoulder. As a little girl, I didn’t always know what he was talking about but I knew it was important and that the space was sacred to all who came through the doors.

As an adult, I still look forward to Sundays of because of what they represent to me and my life. It’s a time to slow down, spend time together, and give thanks for what God has given me.

One way to make the most of this program year is to sign up for Realm,, the new program that will help you communicate with your groups, RSVP for events, manage your giving, update your profile information, view the Church directory, “Holy Faces,” and more.

Please contact me if you need assistance (, 704-749-6142).

Leigh Dixon, Parish Administrator