Christmas: Keep It Moving and Growing

The season of the Twelve Days of Christmas gives time to ponder the mysterious birth and reason for our Lord. While things and life may be slower, more still, or less committed, let us not forget the Christ-consciousness to which we are called: bring Christ to the forefront of our thoughts, words, and deeds, because the world changed forever at the Incarnation.

Christmastide prompts changes we might make, and changes we might inform for a better world. In this holy season, we celebrate and embrace that the light of Christ has come into the world, and that same light lives within each child of God. On the Twelfth Night: The Eve of the Epiphany of Our Lord, January 5, we will have even more to tell.

Eileen Caddy offers a meditation for December 25 in her book, Opening Doors Within. May we find wisdom in her words for our deeper journeys into Christ:

Day by day you become more and more infilled and infused with the Christ consciousness. You are able to walk in the light and become one with the light until there is no darkness in you, and as the process takes place you bring more light into the world. You must realise that it all starts in you. You have to put your own house in order first, and you must have the faith and confidence that you can do so and then do it. It is what is within you that is reflected without. It is not something to be striven for; it is something that just happens only if you will let it, and fill you heart and mind with love and understanding. This raised state of consciousness is in the very air you breathe. Breathe it in deeply and let your whole being be infilled with it. It is so great that you cannot contain it; therefore breathe it out, and so keep it moving and growing.”

Christmastide blessings and peace,

– The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher, Rector