From St. Peter’s Ministry Associate

On October 11, 2017, it was my great pleasure to join the Administrative Staff of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church as the Ministry Associate. Though I will be working only part-time hours for the remainder of this year, 2018 will bring me into the office on a full-time basis. With the New Year on the horizon, I am closing the doors on my administrative consulting business as my daughter, Rachel, continues her first year of middle school at Northwest School of the Arts. This is truly a year of transition and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of St. Peter’s!

I have had an array of experience including freelance administrative consulting, marketing and business development, church membership coordination and a host of other things that lend, now, to my peaceful settlement into this distinguished parish. Though I begin a new journey at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, I am filled with an immediate sense of comfort and belonging that I never believed to be possible in a professional environment (without several years of acclimation, at the very least).

Though, I must admit that St. Peter’s is not entirely “new” to me. Rachel has been attending The Choir School at St. Peter’s since 2013 and is now in the Girls Tour Choir. As parents and dedicated volunteers within this amazingly comprehensive musical program, my husband, Dave, and I have witnessed extraordinary talent and a sense of belonging that far exceeded our expectations for Rachel in this program. Indeed, it is a fulfilling community that we are content to call our own.

As Ministry Associate, I have been warmly welcomed and feel as though, somehow, each member of the parish, Clergy, Staff, and Vestry knows of my dedicated commitment to the individuals and highly focused groups; it is my personal mission to help us become more connected with one another. During these seasons of deep prayer and gratitude, I feel humbled by the competence, compassion and overall warmth of my new professional family. Just as in 2013 with The Choir School, I find myself immensely grateful for the extensive loving community at St. Peter’s that allows me to feel as though I am truly COMING HOME.

In gratitude and peace,

Kristie Lauderbaugh, Ministry Associate