Being Mindful of our Space

While reflecting on the health and well-being of the building and grounds of St. Peter’s, we should be conscious that this place is not only a religious space, but also a social and cultural landmark. A historic dwelling, which is rich in architectural heritage and craftsmanship. Based on these roles the buildings play, daily upkeep and structural maintenance are a key role in the continuation of an appealing and safe environment. We are mindful that the building continues to adapt to generational needs, which helps maintain a benevolent atmosphere for those who enter our doors.

I say “we,” as these actions and decisions happen with the support from facilities assistants, staff, and parishioners, to collaborate on repairs to the building and grounds, as well as the installation of modern amenities. From the repair of doors and lighting, to the installation of new kitchen equipment, we are constantly working to maintain, as well as to create a space that is conducive to fulfilling the needs of those that use St. Peter’s facilities. We accomplish this by respecting the past, understanding the present, and looking toward the future regarding the utilization of the overall space. Frankly, it can be difficult sometimes to know when it’s the right time to evolve, but with quality support it is achievable.

The joy received from my work stems from successfully accomplishing tasks that provide substance and growth to the building and occupants. It’s nice to step back, look at finished projects, and see the impact. Sometimes it’s large projects, sometimes it’s simply small projects. It reminds me of a quote by Albert Einstein: ”I wish to do something great and wonderful, but I must start by doing the little things like they were great and wonderful.” So, if you have any insight into issues regarding building and grounds that need attending to at St. Peter’s, please feel free to contact me.

Brian Whitley, Facilities Manager