Defining Stewardship at St. Peter’s

Stewardship is the act of responding to God’s abundance by offering time, talent and treasures for the present and future welfare of the parish; engaging initiatives associated with the life and sustainability of parish ministries, and efforts focused on care and environmental sustainability of parish buildings and grounds.

Carolyn Carlburg and Ellison Clary are the Vestry members charged with leading our stewardship ministries alongside several others. As Vestry Coordinator for Stewardship and Strategic Visioning, Carolyn is supervising a strategic visioning process, with expert advice from Jeanette McDonald of the Episcopal Church Foundation. The Strategic Visioning Team gathered for a retreat on May 5 to begin work that will involve the entire parish from 2018 into 2019. As Vestry Coordinator for Stewardship and the Annual Fund, Ellison is working with Annual Fund Co-Team Leaders, John Buric and Amanda Wommack. This team held its organizational meeting on May 7.

Smart spending of monies raised during annual fund campaigns is a priority for St. Peter’s Vestry. Throughout the year, you will be reading and hearing a great deal about fundraising to support initiatives that make our parish what it is as well as deliberate planning for what we want to be in years ahead.

The Episcopal Church says stewardship “is reaching out to build relationships from a perspective of abundance instead of scarcity.” This feels like the right approach for St. Peter’s in our annual fund canvass. Amanda and John want to enlist the support of all members. Our goal is for every household to offer a pledge that, joined with other pledges, will guarantee that we raise a minimum of $1 million to support the parish operating budget.

You will hear much more about these and other stewardship programs throughout the year. Communications will be coupled with updates on progress of those working on annual fund-raising and the strategic visioning process. With your help, they will set priorities and develop strategies for the most effective use of our money.