The Richness of Life at St. Peter’s is a Blessing

The richness of life at St. Peters is a blessing.

In just the past few weeks, depending on your interests and energy level, you might have chosen from among the following bounty of options: two rousing Spring Concerts by the Choir School at St. Peter’s, an offering of pub theology, a Festive Parish Potluck celebrating Pentecost, a Center City Concert by the A.W.Duo, and an all-day Pentecost Retreat offering a silent, meditative journey through the Daily Office.

These opportunities were in addition to our routine offerings every week: formation classes for children, youth, and adults; Holy Chow every Sunday morning; the simple beauty of our 8:00 a.m. Rite I service, as well as our 10:45 a.m. liturgy; along with baptisms, pastoral visits, and small group fellowship.

The many chances to meet, greet, eat, learn, and worship together are so plentiful at St. Peter’s that it is easy to take them for granted. In the days and weeks ahead, as we prepare for this season of change, I urge you to find ways to offer thanks to the clergy, staff, and lay leaders who weave our lives together into this strong, vibrant tapestry that we all love so much.

Summer is nearly here, and our schedules will change. Our routines will change. And, in this particular summer, our rector will change. As we meet this significant moment of transition, our engagement with St. Peter’s must not change.
Now is the time for each of us to lean in even more, to be present for one another, and to celebrate our shared love of St. Peter’s together in new and old ways. Our deep gratitude for our life at St. Peter’s, along with hope for the future, will light the path.

Bert J. Miano, Senior Warden