Transition Update

We continue to make progress in our plans for the transition. The vestry’s meetings over the past week have been prayerful and productive.

Plans for the summer and fall are well in hand, with numerous opportunities for fellowship and worship. The summer schedule of events is completed, and can be seen here. The complete Life at St. Peter’s schedule of activities through early September is available online now, and be on the lookout for printed copies soon. Thanks to our Associate Rector, the Reverend Jacob E. Pierce, and the formation committee for their planning work.

This past week, Father Jacob, in consultation with the wardens, has completed a schedule of clergy to serve our parish through September. We are extremely grateful for the assistance of the Reverend Keith Lane and the Reverend Sally Johnston, who along with Father Jacob, will cover our clergy needs for the next three months. We will also welcome the Reverend Canon Rhonda Lee, who has preached at St. Peter’s before, on Sunday, July 8. St. Peter’s has a strong lineup of clergy to meet our spiritual needs for the next three months.

In addition to planning for the short-term needs of the parish, the vestry has been in discernment over the past three weeks about the best path forward for St. Peter’s in our search for a new permanent rector. We have felt your support and have prayerfully considered the different styles of transition presented to us by Bishop Rodman and Canon Catherine Massey. Please know that our focus throughout this process has been to identify the process which will give us the best opportunity to find our next great rector.

We will be announcing a decision about which approach we have chosen within the next several days. In the weeks ahead, we will hold several open discussions to answer your questions. Please be patient as we continue this important work, and please continue to keep the vestry in your prayers.

Bert Miano, Senior Warden

Maria Long, Junior Warden