Opportunities to Serve as a Worship Volunteer

At St. Peter’s we welcome many visitors throughout the year. When visitors are known to us, clergy and staff welcome them directly and through the work of the Congregational Development Team. When I speak with newcomers about their experience at St. Peter’s, almost all remark on the beauty of our worship.

We are blessed with a fabulous music ministry, under the direction of Elizabeth Lenti and Garrett Law, and talented singers who fill the choir stalls each Sunday. Their dedicated talent immeasurably enhances our worship. Similarly, we are blessed with committed teams of ushers, lectors, alar guild members, healing ministers, welcome hosts, and eucharistic ministers. We simply could not produce the caliber of worship at St. Peter’s without the many volunteers who help create beautiful liturgy to the glory of God.

On Saturday, August 11 welcome hosts, ushers, Eucharistic ministers, and lectors will gather in the Parish Hall for a seasonal training at the twice-yearly Liturgical Ministries Retreat. This 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. gathering is an opportunity for various Sunday volunteers to assemble for renewed training and to welcome parishioners who might wish to volunteer in one of these ministries. If you sense that God is calling you to serve as a worship volunteer in healing/intercessory prayer ministry, as an usher, lector, welcome host, or Eucharistic minister, please come to this retreat and training day. There is no need to register, simply come for coffee and fellowship at 9:00 a.m., stay for a liturgical plenary at 9:30 a.m., and attend a breakout group of your choosing at 10:30 a.m. There is more information about this event in the weekly eNews and in the Sunday leaflet.

Often heard in the vesting room before the liturgy, the celebrant prays: “Be present, be present, O Jesus, our great High Priest, as you were present with your disciples, and be known to us in the breaking of bread…” Our worship is an act of thanksgiving by which the entire community encounters the risen Christ in the gifts of bread and wine. We do this together, not in our various roles but as one body, receiving one bread and one cup. I give thanks for the many volunteers who make possible our beautiful worship each week. I hope each of us will consider how we might assist in this ministry of thanksgiving.

The Reverend Jacob E. Pierce, Associate Rector