Shrimp & Suds is Saturday, 6:30 p.m.

This Saturday evening at 6:30 p.m., the Youth Advisory Team will host the parish for a fun, casual gathering of adults on the third floor rooftop of the Parish House to enjoy Harris Holt and his cooking team’s Low Country Shrimp Boil, along with Mike Hoffman’s incredibly delicious cheese grits, accompanied by a selection of local craft brews and other beverages. This is holy work. Shrimp & Suds is one of four fellowship-oriented fund-raisers that our youth leaders and youth families host to raise funds for holy pilgrimage, one of the pillars of the Journey to Adulthood curriculum. Pilgrimage is just one of the many ways that St. Peter’s provides our youth the opportunity to grow their faith: to learn about and to connect with the saints who, over thousands of years, have built the church into a framework that supports us in our struggles to live in hope and love. The preparation for and the pilgrimage itself enable our young people to cope with the vagaries and capricious of an often difficult world.

So, in doing the “work” of relaxing and sharing a meal at Shrimp & Suds, and doing the same at our Spring Spaghetti Dinner with Silent Auction, and shopping at Advent Fair next month, you ensure that we will continue to raise up young people who live in faith, and enable St. Peter’s to provide those touchstones, such as this class’s Holy Pilgrimage to Canterbury and France, to all of our young people. This is truly holy work that we all do together and provides hope for the future. We hope that you will join us.

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Lyn Holt, Director of Youth Formation