Lenten Adult Formation

The Reverend Amanda C. Stephenson
Associate Rector

As we prepare to move into Lent next week, it is my hope that we are all thinking about what Lenten disciplines we will engage in this year. Many people choose to give up something for Lent as a reminder of Christ’s own sacrifice of his life; others choose to take on something that will aid in their spiritual growth. Either way, whatever you choose to do for Lent should ultimately help deepen your relationship with God.

On Sunday mornings during Lent, our adult formation offerings will be geared toward helping you to more fully enter into this holy season. The Forum during Lent will focus on the book The Last Week: What the Gospels Really Teach About Jesus’s Final Days in Jerusalem by Marcus J. Borg and John Dominic Crossan. This is an excellent book detailing the historical and cultural context of Jerusalem and the rich symbolism that permeates everything that happens during Holy Week. It will add a whole new dimension to how you understand the Gospels! Participants in the Forum are encouraged to purchase the book and read along, but prior reading is not required for attendance. Fr. Jacob and I will highlight the important points of each chapter during our presentations.

Also on Sundays during Lent, we will be offering a series on Spiritual Practices. We will gather in the Parlor from 12:30 to 1:00 p.m. to learn about and practice a new spiritual discipline each week. Participants are then encouraged to practice what we learned during the upcoming week. By the end of Lent, you will have a “toolbox” of various practices that you can continue to use throughout the year. So after Eucharist, please grab your coffee and a snack at Coffee Hour and join us in the Parlor!

My hope is that you will participate in one or both of these offerings. Please know that as we move into this holy season, you all are in my prayers. I pray that this Lent will be a holy time of self-reflection and growth in your relationship with Jesus.

The Reverend Amanda C. Stephenson, Associate Rector