Education for Ministry (EfM)

The Reverend L. Murdock Smith
Assisting Priest

Why would I want to do EfM? What’s the purpose of Education for Ministry? Where can it take me, and how can it transform us as church? All good questions but first let’s be clear that, though education and learning are vital, they are just the building blocks, the tools to a deeper purpose. EfM’s purposes are the creation of learning environments for substantive, in-depth adult Christian formation, experiencing a continuing community of prayer-based support for spiritual formation, and all aimed at discovery and clarification of ministry. Being a mature adult Christian is less about being able to proclaim the faith with words, and so much more about living the faith in ways that bring others to Christ. So how does this happen?

Though you would commit to one year at a time, EfM has four modules of approximately nine months each (covering the Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, and Theology). Yes, there is reading to be done, discussion within each weekly session, exploration into one’s spiritual journey, ongoing fellowship, regular prayer and worship, and, importantly, there are those steps taken in one’s spiritual journey that grow out of this unequaled experience and commitment.

EfM is not for everyone. EfM may be for you but not right now. If you are newer to the Episcopal Church, then perhaps EfM will be right for you in the future. EfM is not Bible study, but that can be a good beginning for some as a foundation (we all need to know our Story). It is not exclusionary but recognizes timing is everything.

There is information on the table in the Gallery, between the Church and the Parish House. A Monday evening session is scheduled to begin in September, and there will be a Monday morning session if there is sufficient interest. Cost is $375 per year (includes texts) with payment options that mean cost should not be an impediment. Email me if you want to know more at

The Reverend L. Murdock Smith, Assisting Priest