Even the Least of These: Understanding God’s Call to Service

St. Peter’s Social Justice Greensboro Museum Trip, March 30, 2019

Throughout the Gospel, there are numerous accounts of Jesus ministering to the masses, particularly to the outcast and downtrodden, and encouraging his disciples to do the same. As we reflect on the profound power and impact of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, we are called to honor his legacy as a living sacrifice by loving and supporting all of God’s children, particularly the most vulnerable and least considered members of our communities.

St. Peter’s Social Justice Ministry has been focused on advancing God’s love through the efforts of outreach and inclusion, striving continuously to uphold Jesus’ admonition to “feed and care for His lambs and sheep.” In a modern context, it means we are called to ensure that all of God’s children are able to live full, equitable, and inclusive lives, unbridled by the sins of oppression, hatred, and undue negativity.

Recently, St. Peter’s partnered with the only two predominantly Black Episcopal Churches in Charlotte, Chapel of Christ the King and St. Michael’s and All Angels, to visit two civil rights sites in Greensboro, N.C. (click here to view more pictures from our trip). In our journey to these sites, we sought to be reminded of how these nonviolent protest movements led to vast changes in American life for millions of people not recognized as equal because of the color of their skin. One goal in assembling this diverse group was to revisit the painful history of segregation that has led to much suffering and separation in our country. Our group also sought to better discern through history how each of us can more effectively advocate for causes that we are called to address.

St. Peter’s was awarded the Act On Grant through the Foundation for the Carolinas challenging us to “Share. Listen. Act.”  For us, that means to share God’s word, hear the stories of our fellow man, and act in ways that transform ideas of social justice to deliberate acts of social change.

We invite you to join us as part of the Social Justice Ministry Team as we continue to pursue our call to serve, uplifting God’s word, and follow Jesus’ example in caring and advocating for the least of us.

Gwendolyn G. High, Ph.D.
on behalf of the Social Justice Ministry Team