Adult Pilgrimage, “Walking in the Footsteps of the Apostle Paul in Greece and Rome,” Coming May 19-28, 2020

The Reverend Amanda C. Stephenson,
Associate Rector

Last year, as I embarked on my first pilgrimage, I could have given you plenty of facts about where we were going and what we were going to do, but what I could not have told you was how the experience of Pilgrimage would change me. Traveling with a group of people to another land, another culture, is always an adventure, but on a pilgrimage you do so with a common intention: To grow closer to God and one another. I am incredibly excited to invite you to join myself and Lyn Holt in May of 2020 as we lead a pilgrimage walking in the footsteps of St. Paul in Greece and Rome. On this pilgrimage we will visit many of the cities that we read about in Paul’s letters, walking where he walked and listening to passages from his letters being read in the very places from which they were written. We will pray together, learn together, and share Eucharist together, all while visiting incredibly beautiful and historic sites and growing together as a community. We will visit Athens and Corinth, cruise the Greek Isles, and eventually make our way to Rome, where tradition says that Paul was martyred. In each of these locations we will explore religious sites and immerse ourselves in the local culture. Please pick up a brochure or go to: for a full itinerary and registration information. 

This pilgrimage is for all adults at St. Peter’s, and any of their friends or family who may want to join them. Please note that this will be an active pilgrimage, so participants need to be able to be on their feet for a good portion of each day and able to walk a moderate amount. On the Greek Isles and in Rome we will be doing a fair amount of walking to get from place to place. 

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the pilgrimage in greater detail, please contact me at or 704-749-6150. I pray that you will join us on pilgrimage next year in Greece and Rome!

The Reverend Amanda C. Stephenson, Associate Rector