Youth Pilgrimage: Unpacking 2019 and Preparing for 2021

Lyn Holt,
Director of Youth Formation

“A pilgrimage implies — in meeting different people, in talking to strangers, in paying attention to the omens — basically being open to life. …We have every single day this possibility, this chance of discovering something new. So, the pilgrimage, at the end of the day, is basically — get rid of things that you are used to and try something new.”  
– Paulo Coelho, from his book The Pilgrimage

St. Peters’ most recent youth pilgrims, Robert, Gloria, Maurice, Zarina, Rebekah, Lena, Rebecca, Christina, and Max, and adult leaders Mike, Lorrell, Mac, Fr. Jacob and I experienced Coelho’s description of Pilgrimage and much more. We will share our thoughts, feelings and observations with you this Sunday at the Forum from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. in the Parish Hall. We hope you’ll join us to hear about how we all were changed by this experience.

At the same time that we are remembering, sharing, and unpacking what we learned and how we grew, we also begin the process of preparing the next class of youth pilgrims for their life-changing journey in 2021. There is something comforting about the cycle of life at St. Peter’s and knowing that there is a new class of teens ready to begin their journey toward this Holy Pilgrimage. We start by inviting St. Peter’s adults and their friends to come together for fellowship, food, and drink to help us begin to raise the funds for this experience of finding the divine within each person who walks where the saints of old walked and where we can learn about new cultures, each other, and God. We will offer our annual Shrimp and Suds dinner this Saturday, from 6:30 to 9:30 pm on the St. Peter’s rooftop patio. The cost per person is $30, all inclusive, all you care to enjoy. Come enjoy true Low Country Boil with all the sides and local craft beer as we celebrate friendship, youth, spiritual growth, and discovery.

We hope you’ll join the fun,

Lyn Holt, Director of Youth Formation