Faith Community Nursing comes to St. Peter’s

Jo Anne Blackstone, MSN, RN,
Faith Community Nurse

On Sunday, January 14, 2020 Father Jacob announced at the Forum that I had been appointed to be the Faith Community Nurse/Parish Nurse for St. Peter’s. 

A Faith Community Nurse (FCN) is a Registered Nurse who has specialized education in spiritual care and nursing. We bring knowledge and skill in the sciences, theology, congregational care service, worship, and nursing. We assist in transforming the faith community into a place of health and healing and follow a specific scope and standards of practice established by the American Nurses Association (ANA). 

We are called to this ministry both from nursing and faith-filled backgrounds, dedicated to meeting people where they are, considering all people as sacred, and treating them with respect and dignity. 

Following the teachings found in the Gospel of Matthew 25:31-46, “serving the least of these,” we are members of a faith community integrating wellness into all ministry areas by providing health education and seeking out those members of the congregation who may be suffering in silence. 

Our objective is to strengthen the ability of the church to carry forth its mission of care, by helping the members to realize a state of wholeness, encompassing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. We are not home health nurses, but rather perform the role of community health nursing from a faith-based perspective. We do not perform patient care that requires a physician’s order. We do, however, provide support, education, and individual wellness education sessions, i.e. blood pressure checks, prayer, and disease education and management. We will be providing learning opportunities to the congregation based on information gathered from surveys and feedback from various focus groups. 

I am very excited for the opportunity to be your Faith Community Nurse/Parish Nurse at St. Peter’s and look forward to serving the needs of the congregation. I am very thankful for the reception I received at the Forum and the interest and questions of those who attended.

 Jo Anne Blackstone, MSN, RN, Faith Community Nurse