Wanted: Free-Range Children

The people of St. Peter’s, Charlotte, will be on retreat at Kanuga March 13-15. If you are reading this, you should plan on being up there so that we can all experience being what the youth of this parish love to be up there: free-range children.

Make no mistake: the weekend will be rich in offerings for the soul. There will be formation on Saturday morning for all ages; there will be socials on Friday and Saturday nights, including square-dancing. There will be meals and worship shared together amid laughter and love.

And mixed in with all of this will be that most precious commodity in our lives these days: time that’s not only off the grid but utterly unscheduled.

It’s time when some folks gather on porches—or, in March, maybe around fireplaces—and talk and laugh. Time when others sit in quiet places to read, to look out over the lake, to pray, or just to sit and be quiet. Time when walking without a destination is just fine.

Our retreat at Kanuga is a time and place to think, and hear ourselves think; pray, and listen for the answer; to be with each other, and just be.

Jesus said that whosoever would follow him must be as a child. Kanuga offers us a range of opportunities and spaces to let our bodies and souls wander free of the world we have made, and to be more like we once were, and perhaps more like what someday, by God’s grace, we will be. Children. Children of God.

There will be a place on the parish website and a table in the Gallery where you can register and pay. Both cabins and rooms in the Inn are available. We will offer a cap for a family maximum cost as we have done in the past, and individual scholarships are available through the clergy. Please contact Fr. Jacob or Mtr. Amanda directly if you need assistance.

Let’s go together and be who God calls us to be as we prepare for the awesome events of Eastertide, when all our intelligence and learning and adult understanding of the facts of life become irrelevant, and we walk as wondering children.

Chris Cudabac for the Kanuga Planning Committee