Caring for Our Historic Home

We are truly blessed at St. Peter’s with three beautiful buildings and a lovely memorial garden. These facilities provide us with a multitude of work, education, worship and fellowship spaces. In the coming weeks you will see some changes being made to our church. First, as our very popular coffee hour after the 10:45 a.m. Eucharist has grown, the need for more efficient use of the lobby has become desirable. To accommodate this need, and with thanksgiving for a generous gift, the walls of a main floor office used in years past as both office space and a conference room, will be removed. The work opens up more maneuverable floor space for our weekly fellowship. Larger events will continue to use the community room and the Martha Bowles Parish Hall upstairs, but this renovation will allow for better flow of traffic, not only throughout the week, but particularly on Sunday mornings. 

In addition to our lobby renovation, you may see a crane or two out front as our historic church building will receive the first phase of a much needed face lift. This first phase will simply remove potentially dangerous fall hazards from the face and sides of the church. Once that is complete, we can begin to put together a plan to restore the graceful sandstone of our parish. There is more to come in the next few years, including plans for more efficient use of our ground floor spaces. But that is for another time. I look forward to every opportunity to discuss our historic buildings and grounds at St. Peter’s with you. 

Mike Hoffman, Junior Warden