An Update from The Choir School

MasterSingers serve as the choir in residence for Evensong on Sunday, March 8, 2020.

The Choir School at St. Peter’s has continued to fulfill its mission in spite of physical separation. The Girls Choir still meets on Mondays, The Boys Choir still meets on Tuesdays, and the MasterSingers still meet on Thursdays. We have check-ins, theory classes, and one-on-one instruction. We have been reminded that at its core, a choir is about community and connection. This has been especially true for the “choir school family” and we are immensely grateful.

Of course we miss singing together. We would have had our Spring Concert on the first weekend in May. But we understand that loving our neighbor is following guidance from medical professionals and keeping physical distance. Choral music educator, Kellie Walsh, had the following to say about the future of choirs.

“If a choir is only about singing and performing, there will be no choir for a while. If choir is about teaching and learning, growing, connecting, community, cultural exploration and transmission, and innovating—we will find a way to have choir.”

The Choir School at St. Peter’s is committed to providing the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect to all of our students. However, we need your help getting the word out to the community so we can build ours. We are recruiting students for next year’s season, here’s how you can help.

If you know a child 6 or older, take a moment to personally recommend our program to them. You can send their families our 2020 webinar on-demand to learn more about our program at or watch our new video on Facebook. Interested families can sign up for an audition at

I look forward to the day when we can all sing together. It will be glorious.

Garrett Law, Assistant Organist-Choirmaster