The Bridge Between Doubt and Trust

Bayeaux Cathedral, Youth Pilgrimage 2019

In this week’s Gospel reading, the Disciples have been told to go to the mountain to meet Jesus, whom they have been told has risen. Many of the Disciples are doubtful as to whether or not this truly is Jesus, and yet he nonetheless commands them to go out into the world and trust in Him always. When we hear of the reactions of the Disciples to the risen Christ, we are reminded of the bridge between doubt and trust. Over the past few months, our lives have been uprooted, and we are no longer able to greet each other in the name of Christ as we always have. God knows this and he recognizes the doubtful faces many of us have during times like this. Whether we are doubtful of the future or doubtful of his plan, God has seen this doubt countless times and embraces the uncertainty we may be feeling. Despite the hesitancy we have in trusting our Jesus at times, he reminds us that he is forever by our side, “to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:16–20).

The love of Jesus Christ can reach every person and span across every place, but we must trust in him. We must believe that this too will pass, and he will guide us through. As we look forward, we must trust in ourselves and in each other as we do him. God manifests himself in each of us, and we must believe in our friends and neighbors to allow the Holy Spirit to truly lift us up. In every smile that I have seen throughout our time apart, I have felt God’s presence. For every connection I have made with others during this difficult time, I have felt God reaching down to embrace us. Every morning, I hear God encouraging us all to welcome another day. He is there to listen and to speak and to hold us together, but we must believe in him. Trust in him and he will guide us through.

Lena Miano, St. Peter’s Youth, Graduating class of 2020