An Update from The Senior Warden

Greetings St. Peter’s,

Marcus Clarke

When I became Senior Warden in January, I reflected on the mission of St. Peter’s: To nurture a community of courageous followers of Jesus and inspire love of God and love of neighbor. I said that St. Peter’s is where we come to worship God and re-energize our faith, but not where we minister. Our ministry lies outside our walls, in our communities where we live and work. I eagerly await the time when we can be together again in person. Until then, our work in the communities, Sunday worship by live-stream, virtual book studies, and the Daily Office of Morning and Evening Prayer allow many more people in Charlotte and around the world to see how we live into our vision: To be a place of unconditional welcome and a beacon of God’s love in the heart of Charlotte.

Throughout these challenging times, I am grateful to say that St. Peter’s is well, thanks to all of you. Your continued financial support has allowed us to carry on the work of the parish. Earlier this month we completed our year-end financial review with a clean audit that has been reviewed by the Vestry. While the building has been closed, we have started several improvement projects around the church. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the lobby is being renovated, creating a more inviting space for us to greet each other in the Parish House. The Vestry has also allocated funds to address the fall hazards of the aging brownstone on the exterior of our building. These projects will ensure that our building is safely meeting our needs for years to come.

During the pandemic, we have taken special care to protect our fiscal health, while remaining committed to our staff. To that end, we were encouraged by the Diocese to apply for the federal Paycheck Protection Program, which allowed us to support the salaries of the Choir School and St. Peter’s personnel, including our part-time employees. While some of the support for our part-time workers ended in June, we are grateful that all of them continue to have employment elsewhere. We are hopeful that every employee will return when we are able to fully reopen. Our full-time staff remains intact and continues to serve St. Peter’s.

We are blessed to have your continued prayers and support, and what a joyous day it will be when we see each other again. Until then, stay safe, stay energized, and stay faithful to our mission, loving God and neighbor alike.

Yours in faith,

Marcus Clarke, Senior Warden