Focusing on Prayer Leads to Action

As a Spiritual Director, I spend a lot of time studying and talking about prayer. One of the first things I ask of a directee is to tell me about their prayer life. Sometimes the response is “I don’t know how” or “I don’t have time.” Neither response is a surprise. Our culture encourages us to multi-task, to get and give answers quickly, and if we should sit quietly someone invariably asks, “Is something wrong?”

There are many kinds of prayer but I have concluded that God doesn’t care which method or posture you use. God, who loves us beyond belief, just wants to hear from us, His beloved children.

As Christians, we are called to be Jesus’ disciples. “Follow me, Jesus says.” Jesus prayed regularly and taught us to pray what we call the Lord’s Prayer. To talk with God, to pray, is to open our hearts and invite God in. Prayer is a conversation between us and our Creator.

The Wednesday Book Study has just read “The time is Now – A Call to Uncommon Courage” by Joan Chittister, OSB. This book written in 2019 was in answer to the question, what is expected of Christians in this troubled world. Sister Joan points to the divide between Christian practice and Christian witness. She says ”the fully Christian life is a blend of both.” Christians who “opt for sacramental spirituality devoid of prophetic spirituality is to ignore half the Jesus message—half the Christian life.” We have a “spiritual obligation to reshape a world run amok.” We must pray as Jesus taught us. To accept His invitation to “Follow me,” is to take action like feed, and pray for, the homeless

My prayer is that we all start each day with a holy conversation with God.

From Hymn 508: “Breathe on me, Breath of God, fill me with life anew, that I may love what thou dost love, and do what thou wouldst do.”


Ruth Woodend