An Update from The Junior Warden

Mike Hoffman

For many of us, St. Peter’s is an integral part of our lives. Being away physically from our beloved church has not been easy. Could we have imagined our lives now, a year ago? I write today to let you know that just as our sacred services have continued, so has the work around the parish buildings and grounds.

Our facilities manager, Brian Whitley, has been managing several projects over the past few months. These projects include the installation of a new defibrillator near the Gallery (along with training for the staff) and “touchless” faucets in the main floor restrooms next to the lobby. And speaking of the lobby, all of the major work has been completed and the new, open floorplan is in place. Right now, the finishing touches are being made: new wainscoting has been installed and the entire space is getting a fresh coat of paint. New flooring will be installed when the painting has been finished and then the job will be complete. We have also taken steps to remove the fall hazards on the brownstone of the church building, making our garden much safer. Restoring our façade is the next important step, and we await sample techniques for this work. While it will be wonderful to see these completed projects when we return to our beloved building, it will be even more exciting for each of us.  Until then, thank you for your support as we continue to care for our sacred home to ensure that St. Peter’s continues to be a beacon of God’s love in the heart of Charlotte for generations to come. 


Mike Hoffman, Junior Warden