Medicine and Faith: The Reverend Canon Ron David, M.D. Forum Series

Greetings in the name of Christ fellow St Peter’s parishioners. My name is the Reverend Canon Ronald David, M.D., best and simply known as “Ron.”  I have the honor, privilege, and distinct pleasure of serving as your leader in a series of three adult forum sessions.

The first forum will be on the theology and neurophysiology of compassion. The second will be on the interrelatedness of health, spirituality, and religion. And the last forum in the series will be on clinical theology, sometimes called clinical pastoral care and education. My inspiration and the thematic thread for these subjects derive from my experiences as a physician in neonatal and perinatal medicine, as deputy and acting secretary of health for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as a lecturer in public policy at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, as chief medical officer of the D.C. Health and Hospitals Public Benefit Corporation, and finally as a priest, honorary canon, chaplain and supervisor in clinical pastoral education for the Diocese of Los Angeles in California.

Proverbs 18:14 best and most succinctly represents my unshakable conviction that the human spirit will endure any illness; but a wounded spirit, who can bear?

My wife, Debbi, and I have been members of St Peter’s parish for nearly two years. We are retired and live in Belmont, N.C. with our beloved chocolate Labrador retriever Kabutu.